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Carbon Dioxide: The Next Step for Industrial Refrigeration
Gartner Refrigeration has been in the industrial refrigeration business since 1945. Over the years, we have seen many refrigerant trends come and go. Freon refrigerants had their heyday, and are now virtually phased out. Rotary vane and reciprocating compressors have been replaced by screw compressors. Electromechanical controls have been replaced by PLCs and computers. Through all this change, ammonia has been one thing which has lasted. It has the virtues of being environmentally friendly, highly efficient over a wide range of temperatures, and inexpensive to manufacture. However, anyone who has gotten a whiff of ammonia knows that in high concentrations it can pose a serious health risk. It has a distinct, noxious odor that can permanently damage food products, and can ignite if in sufficiently high concentrations. Those are the reasons that for the past 60 years, we have worked hard to minimize the risks of ammonia, to assure our customers and the public that a Gartner designed and installed system adheres to the highest standards of the industry.

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SRV Quick Update

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As a service to the ammonia refrigeration industry, Gartner Refrigeration has also developed the SRV Quick tool. The SRV Quick tool is a great resource for checking the size of a relief valve or checking the size of a vent. 

SRV Quick has been updated to version 2.0 (9/28/2006).  Updates include:

  1. The ability to specify pipe schedule
  2. Choked flow calculations
  3. The addition of several new models of relief valve

This is the same version of the SRV Quick program that was demonstrated at the 2006 RETA convention in Dallas.

Get your copy today by downloading it from our website!

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A Partnership Approach
From design to installation, Gartner Refrigeration will work closely with you to develop the right solution. This has been our philosophy for over 55 years. With over 85% of our business coming from existing customers, it must be working.

Innovative, State-of-the-Art Solutions
Gartner Refrigeration is known nationwide for developing unique solutions to the most difficult and unusual industrial cooling applications. By embracing the latest technologies, we often find new answers to old problems.

Superior Service
With the largest refrigeration service department and parts inventory of any industrial refrigeration contractor in the Midwest, Gartner Refrigeration is on call for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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