Ammonia/Halocarbon Service

Refrigeration service and support every hour of the day, every day of the year

Gartner Refrigeration recognizes that when you invest in an industrial refrigeration system, you’re making an investment of 20 years or more. You can be assured that we’ll back you throughout those years with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service support.

We have invested in a half million dollar parts inventory, and can deliver virtually any part you need overnight. We can link your system to our computer, and troubleshoot its performance. And our toll-free hotline means we’re never out of reach.

Customer Protection Program

At Gartner Refrigeration, we accept the responsibility for warranty support, and will be there to correct problems that may occur. In fact, we put it in writing: If any refrigeration equipment in your system designed and installed by Gartner Refrigeration proves faulty during the first year of operation, we’ll repair or replace it at no charge to you.

Predictive Maintenance Program

Timely predictive maintenance reduces costly shut downs, lost revenues and expensive repairs. Gartner Refrigeration’s exclusive 18-point vibration analysis, combined with our fail-safe Frick Oil Analysis, helps prevent potential refrigeration disasters.

OSHA Refrigeration Training

Safety and equipment repair refrigeration training is ongoing. To ensure the very best service for our customers, while maintaining our high safety records, we have invested in full spectrum training. That is factory training, safety training and Ammonia Emergency Response Certification per OSHA CFR 1910-120.

Customized Maintenance

Maintenance Agreements are customized to the individual customers, plant, equipment and on-site personnel. This program can be just assisting with specialized maintenance test tools and analysis, or encompass a complete predictive maintenance program. The full program would include all refrigeration labor, refrigeration parts, refrigeration materials, refrigeration emergency service and refrigeration monitoring.

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