Incident Commander Training

Training Dates for 2022:
September 23rd
Plymouth, MN
Cost: $375.00

Note: The Incident Commander Training is held annually in September only.

Using outside or in-house personnel to control a leak or spill, responsibility for damages rests with the facility that owns the ammonia. Even if you plan on having outside personnel handle the leak, it makes good sense to have your own people trained to assist and look out for your company’s interest. Your own personnel have better knowledge of the equipment and how to control leaks and spills.

During an emergency response, there must be an incident commander, and an incident command system (ICS). OSHA regulation 1910.120(q)(3) requires the implementation of an ICS. An Incident Command System, no matter the size, is intended to reduce confusion, improve safety, organize and coordinate actions, and promote safe management of the incident. At locations where there are no outside response teams, OHSA will expect you to have a team to handle the spills or leaks.

You should have a minimum of two trained commanders per shift. The Incident Commander can come from a cross section of personnel, but generally are members of management, engineering, maintenance, refrigeration, safety and production.