Compressor Rebuild Service

Save Time and Money

There’s no more need to ship compressors to the east and west coasts – which takes time and adds to the cost – now you have a source for rebuilding screw or reciprocating compressor right here in the Midwest. Gartner Refrigeration offers the total rebuild package: factory-trained personnel, fast service, local start-up, oil and vibration analysis and a one year full parts and labor warranty after our on-site compressor start-up.

After the compressor is torn down and technicians determine precisely what work needs to be done and what parts need replacing, Gartner provides a firm price to rebuild the compressor.

After the rebuild, Gartner Refrigeration will move the compressor refrigeration back to the owner’s site and install it. Prior to compressor refrigeration start-up, Gartner Refrigeration checks components of the on-site refrigeration system including the oil separator, oil pump and all filters and piping, to ensure that no pieces of metal or other debris are lodged in them. This is particularly important when there has been a major failure of the refrigeration compressor, such as a main bearing in a screw compressor or connecting rod or crankshaft in a reciprocating refrigeration compressor.

Gartner Refrigeration recommends a vibration analysis on a new or rebuilt screw compressor when it is first installed. This establishes a benchmark level of vibration against which the amount of vibration revealed by future analysis, can be compared.

Lastly, Gartner Refrigeration performs a complete operational controls check and safety controls sequencing at the end of the reinstallation to ensure proper operation of the rebuilt refrigeration compressor.

For more information on our rebuild program, please contact our service department.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

“I just want to pass along to the employees of your organization, how pleased we are with the professionalism and quality of work they put  in getting our ammonia compressor up and running with the minimum of down time. Steve Minion, your service tech, was a pleasure to work with and very efficient. We look forward to doing business with you in the future and I will recommend Gartner Refrigeration to people I know in the meat packing field.”

Jerry Barber
Seaboard Farms, Inc
Guymon, Ok.

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