Gartner Refrigeration offers a variety of training courses, Ammonia Response, Industrial Refrigeration, SOP.

Ammonia Response Training:  Designed to meet the requirements of OSHA Emergency Response HAZMAT personnel. This class focuses on ammonia users who will respond to leaks or spills of ammonia. Warning: OSHA requires that all personnel who are expected to respond to chemicals must be trained according to 1910.120(q). This includes persons who will be responsible with fire departments!

Industrial Refrigeration Training:  Written for operators and others to be able to understand and troubleshoot their systems. This training is done on-site tailored to your facility. We offer two phases of training both phases are class room and hands on. Phase I, basic refrigeration system operation .  Phase II, “More specific” training on each component on the system.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) –SOP training consists of working with your PSM SOP and going through each type of equipment.  The training will consist of reviewing the SOP, then performing the SOP on the actual equipment at the facility.  The training will be in class and hands on.