Gartner Refrigeration is a family business founded in 1945 by Herb Gartner. Herb came from an immigrant German family with seven brothers, all of whom worked in the refrigeration industry.

The Company started as a service, air conditioning and refrigeration company, gradually moving into promoting Industrial Refrigeration. In 1949, Gartner teamed up with Frick Company, and with that partnership our Industrial Business has expanded over the years.

Gartner Refrigeration is now moving through its Second Generation that started in 1976 when John Hendrickson assumed control of the Company.

During the years from 1945 to date, the firm has strived to maintain reliable service, innovation, and the motto that “Failure is NOT an option”.

We have completed many projects, small and large, and found the changes from mid-20th Century to the 21st Century dramatic.

In our 70+ years, we have seen many changes since our inception. Change is inevitable, so we take the lessons of the past, mold them with the change of the future as we strive to hit a company milestone of 100 years with the 3rd Generation.

Our Services

We offer 24/7 full service industrial refrigeration support and service with capabilities and experience in.



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